No Contact to Get Ex Back

The best way to win your love of your life back is to use the “No Contact Rule“. You need time for this method to work. Before you try the “No Contact Rule“, you need to listen The Magic of Making Up. T Dub Jackson has helped over 50000 people in 70 countries mend their relationship.

No contact rule to get ex back This method is very simple to follow. The “No Contact Rule” means just that no contact with your ex. Give your cell phone to your friend so you are not tempted to send a text, email, Facebook, twitter, etc. message. For 2 weeks to 2 months avoid your ex. This is called getting ex back by no contact rule. Just stop all communication and wait. After the breakup, you are all emotionally upset and the tension between the two of you is very high. Just your mere presents will worsen the situation, regardless of your intentions.

Loving Couple

Loving Couple

The “No Contact” rule will prevent these two relationship killers from happening.

1) Drunk Dialing This is a major killer. You go out for a few drinks to get over your separation pain. In your drunken state you decide to randomly call your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. As you can imagine, this phone call turns out to be absolutely disastrous. Your drunk slurring will create a very good impression with your old love.

2. Text Message Terrorism Generally happen is that you go into Panic Mode after the breakup and try to stop your ex boyfriend or girlfriend from leaving. You text blast your ex-partner to try and save your relationship. All this does is drive the relationship even further apart because your old love is getting annoyed with constant barrage of messages.

So use the “No Contact” rule to allow both of you time to calm down, overcome the hurt that occurred during the separation and to prevent these mistakes. Problem is to know how long to go about with no contact. Too soon and your tempers are still too high. Take too long and your ex might just find someone else to love and to go out with. But generally rebound relationships don’t last very long.; as a matter of fact they more often are hurtful. So generally, I would say AT LEAST 2 weeks, but no more than 2 months.

If you are sure your ex boyfriend or girlfriend still loves you, then you have a very good chance at conciliating your relationship. People have come together again from more difficult circumstances. The time alone is a necessary time to heal old wound and to let the emotions settle and to do some soul searching about what went wrong between the two of you.

Reverse psychology is a very powerful tool to repair any broken relationship but you need to know when to use it to good effect so that it can aid you to get your ex back. The impression your ex gets is that you are not interested in them anymore and there is no future in the relationship. You are creating the appearance of accepting the breakup and are prepared to move on with your life. Date other ladies specifically girls in her circle. When this occurs, your ex will start thinking about you continuously and thereby creating a way for the two of you to get together again and restart your relationship. Yes it is as powerful as this, but as I said before you need to know exactly when to apply the method for it to work effectively.

After 2 weeks start to contact your ex causally and find out what their feelings toward you are. If they still love you, then you and your ex can start to rebuild you relationship. Getting ex-boyfriend/girlfriend back is not an easy process. You need to be very confident and want to show your full hard work. This is the wonderful way to get back together using nothing but the No contact rule.

The Magic Of Making Up

The Magic Of Making Up

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