Have you lost hope and feel that your ex just doesn’t care? Are you about to give up on ever getting him back? Find out if he still loves you and if you have a chance of getting him back!

Have you tried everything that you can think of to get your ex back? Has your husband or boyfriend dumped you and you are so bereft that you would do just about anything to get him back. Would you crawl for a mile over broken glass if he would just give you another chance? Forget about this trick if you were thinking that this might actually show your devotion to him. It will only make you look crazy and they will lock you up and throw away the key, but you get the idea. But how can you tell if your ex is still interested in you or if you have a chance of getting him back. What signs should you be looking out for or what clues will tell you that you are on the right track and that he does still love you?

Guys are typically difficult to read and knowing if your ex still cares for you or still loves you is further complicated by the stress and emotions that flood us all in the wake of a breakup. Right now your ex is very defensive so you will need to keep your cool when you start to see these signs that he is interested and that he does still care for you. Treat him as if he was a cornered animal ready to flee. Know that pushing him to talk about getting back together could destroy your chances of getting him back or, if nothing else, delay having him back in your life for good.

Your Friends – Be mindful of your friends and family. If your ex has been in touch with your friends or family they might not tell you right away but at some point they might mention that they ran into your ex or that they heard from him. Your close friends and family don’t want to see you get hurt again so they might keep this information to themselves. Usually though, someone will let something slip or someone will feel that it is the right thing to do to tell you that your ex has been in touch with them.

An ex will often get in touch with your friends or family once the dust settles from your breakup and he begins to have regrets about dumping you. He will begin sniffing around trying to get the lay of the land and see if you still think about him or if you are angry or if you have moved on. He will want to know if you are seeing anyone as loneliness begins to set in. He will tell everyone that he is just concerned about you and often he will ask that your friends or family keep his contact a secret. This contact is a very good sign for you that he does still care and that you need to be prepared for him to start to slowly come around. Again, keep your cool and be ready to do what is necessary to get him back.

It’s All In His Eyes – If you do bump into your ex pay close attention to his eyes. Does he seem to light up when he sees you? At first he might be embarrassed or feel awkward talking with you but if you focus on his eyes you will know everything that you need to know about whether he is thinking of you and if you have a chance at getting him back. The eyes don’t lie and it is terribly difficult for him to his his feelings if you remain friendly, act happy to see him and try to make eye contact with him sporadically while you’re talking with him.

If your ex looks away, try not to be too upset. This can also be a sign that he still has feelings for you and this is something that you can work with if you are serious about getting him back. Remain patient, friendly and happy and if he acts angry or upset it could just be that he feels terribly uncomfortable. Put his mind at ease and use this opportunity to show that you are the bigger person and that you hold no grudges, even though your secret intention is to get him back.

The Big Clue – Probably the biggest clue that your ex is interested in your still and that you stand a good chance of getting him back is if he begins to contact you. Random phone calls or text messages asking about things that really aren’t important are a very good sign. It takes a lot of guts for him to make that call or send that text message and overcome that fear that you’re going to be angry with him. A man that is pushed emotionally to the point of picking up the phone is a man that is very interested in keeping that door open to your relationship and it is a great sign that you are on his mind and still in his heart.

While you might wish to call a friend and tell them that he called and that you think he’s coming back to you, resist this urge. While this and all the other signs that we talked about are very positive indicators that he does still love you and that he is thinking about you, your success in actually getting him back depends a lot on how you play things from here on out. Throwing your arms around him and telling him that you love him or asking him if all of this means that you’re going to be getting back together will demolish your chances. So be careful!

You might think that all of this is just a little bit too much like playing a game with your ex’s mind; the truth is that sometimes it is necessary to play the game to get what is truly important to both of you back again. Honesty has its place in a relationship but right now you need to get your relationship back on track before there is any relationship to be truthful about. Try not to put the cart before the horse here, ok? Remain cool and calm and release your fears and know that you can get him back and his heart will be yours again if you know how to play this.

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