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How To Get Ex Back: Are You Making Plans?

Those of us who have been in a relationship know how difficult it is to go through a break up. Though most of us try to forget the past and move on, there are some who are unable to part ways and still are in love with their erstwhile partner. These people try different methods and plan on how to get ex back.

The problem is most acute if you are the one who has been dumped and feel the pinch and are unable to figure out the reason why you broke up with your partner. They would often feel miserable and depressed and would want to get back to their ex’s. This is not an impossible task and many people have successfully gotten back their ex boyfriend or girlfriend by using some astute planning.

There are also those people who do not take well to being dumped and are more angry than upset at the prospect of having been shown the door. They try to find ways on how to get ex back not because they are in love but because they want it to have happened the other way around.

This is not a very acceptable approach as there is no point in wanting them back for any other reason other than the fact that you are still in love with them. For those who sincerely are still in love with the ex partner, getting them back can be achieved by being patient and perseverant.

The best idea is to ask for a honest answer from your partner by stating that you need to know so that you can be do better in future relationships in case it is due to some fault of yours that the break up happened. If indeed it is attributable to an undesirable character trait or to something wrong that you have done, try to sort out the mess and make amends. Get rid of your undesirable trait. This is possible only if things are on a smooth footing post break up with your ex.

If the reason you were dumped was due to some undesirable character trait that you have, you should try and get rid of it. It is always advisable to learn the reason why you were dumped at the time of break up by telling your partner that you want to rectify if it is due to any fault of yours so that you can have more stable relationships in the future. This is possible if your break up is amicable and you do not end up in a fisticuff with your partner.

Watching you live your life normally and being aloof would make your ex curious as to what is really going on. They would expect you to be upset and shattered while you are entertaining yourself to no end. You should not be indifferent to their presence if you run into them. Acknowledge them but remain aloof and focus on other people like you did during your days as a single. You should not go out with anyone during this period but can hang out with friends from the opposite sex and this would trigger jealousy in your ex.

Enjoy your life post break up with gusto as if reliving the old days when you were single. Hang out with friends and engage yourself in activities that are fun and entertaining. There is no need to go out with anyone and it is a great mistake to do so. The idea is to let your ex know that you are not shattered and are carrying on with your life as before. Seeing you enjoy your life normally the same way you did before you were in the relationship would trigger jealousy pangs in your ex. Also you could hang out with friends from the opposite sex and make sure that you are being noticed by your ex’s friends or the ex themselves. Letting the realize what they are missing out on is the key to getting them back.

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Advice On Love To Save Your Relationship – What To Do When Living A Really Busy Life

Nowadays we are confronted with a lot of important things gearing toward us from many, many directions. With all these tensions in life it’s hard to keep our relationships robust, and if you want to save your relationship, just trying to find the time to work on it is a daunting thing. This reading will provide some advice on love to save your relationship, it’s targeted at all the overly stressed busy couples who still want to make their love relationships work.

There are a few things you can begin doing now to keep your love relationship lively or pull it back from the edge. It’s not so much about what kind of time you spend with one another, it’s more about the quality of time the both of you share alone together. Keep that under consideration when going through the upcoming following:

1. Work out what activities the both of you enjoy doing as a pair. Is it not relevant if it is round of golf or a visit to the local restaurant. As long as you will share an experience that is pleasurable, for both of you. When it’s your time, pre-schedule a time for the children to spend some time with their grand parents, switch off the cellular telephones or mobile device, take the telephone off the receiver, and turn off the TV set. This is about getting reconnected with one another, not just inhabiting

This is so vital for 2 reasons. One, it will enable you time to relax and unwind from the pressures of life. That will help each of you individually and also will permit both of you to bring more to the relationship since you’ll be more relaxed and at ease. And two, it gives the both of you valuable memories you can relive from time to time with one another. It is fun to have shared experiences where you can say ‘remember when we did… ‘? That creates a deeper bond between the two of you.

2. So many couples only talk of everyday daily things like asking your other half if they’d a great day, or if they picked up milk on the way home. Try to make time each week to actually talk. Don’t change it into a complaining time, just talk. Tell your partner about your dreams, relive some fun past times, and so on. Make it a positive time. Actually be happy to talk, and listen, and let one another into your minds a touch.

3. Make a great effort to always remember what was that first attracted you to your other half. Was it their laugh, their offbeat humorous personality, their goofy expressions? Whatever it was don’t let yourself forget that. And while you’re reminding yourself, make sure to let them know too. If you slid in love with their laugh, tell them, often , that you love the way that they giggle. So much of that positive reinforcement appears to go right through the window the longer the relationship progresses. And that’s a shame. Everybody wants to feel appreciated and loved, so do not let your partner feel like you do not find that thing which made you fall fell in love with attractive any more.

A loving relationship is one of the finest things you can do for yourself. Many individuals will tell you that relationships are ‘hard ‘ and they ‘take a large amount of work’. I do not agree. I think that if you’re with the right person, if you’re both mature adults who actually need to make the relationship work, and if you know what to keep an eye out for, your relationship can be exceedingly simple

You just learned some of the preventative measures you can incorporate into your busy schedule that will help fortify a love relationship, before going on the brink. Simply take this advice on love to save your relationship as a way to get things rolling.

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Here’s Some Free Advice On How To Get My Ex Back

Here is some free advice on how to get my ex back if you have just gone through a breakup and are determined to restore your relationship. The first thing you need to consider is why you broke up in the first place and then you can start to try to rebuild your relationship.

Virtually all of us have experienced at least one break up during our lives. While some of us will move on, others may not find it so easy and may be tired of being the victim. Few people actually realise that the vast majority of breakups can actually be reversed.

It is also a bad idea to come across as too needy or obsessive as this often puts people off. This will only serve to alienate yourself further from your ex. You need to build up slowly and be patient while making sure that your progress is steady enough that you will be able to achieve this before it is too late.

A lot of people make deliberate attempts at making their exes jealous which is the worst thing that you can attempt since the ex will likely end up believing that you have moved on and that he or she should do the same. Even worse, you may well find your ex trying to make you jealous and it becomes a vicious circle in which nothing is achieved but suffering on both sides.

While you need to be diplomatic and patient, you should also be determined. The best way to start is by meeting your ex in a casual and comfortable context once you are both ready for it.

The best free advice on how to get my ex back that you can have is not to be too obsessive and do not act immature or you will accomplish nothing but to make the situation worse.

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3 Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Drool Over You Again


My boyfriend and I broke up but I really miss him and want him back. Is there anything I can say to him to get his attention and get him back?


The end game to getting your ex boyfriend back is all about one thing: making him want you back. Regardless of what happened in the past and how the relationship ended, nothing’s going to change for the better until your ex boyfriend misses you. When he starts to reflect on your relationship and the happy times you had together will he be open to the idea of getting back together again. And as someone who wants him back, it’s your job to get him there.

The Most Common Mistakes Women Make:

One of the biggest mistakes that women make when trying to get back together with someone is that they engage in activities that make themselves feel better without thinking about how their ex feels. This can include things like: regularly calling him or constantly sending him texts or emails. Also, if you’ve ever written your ex boyfriend a love letter or bought him a card, you’ve inadvertantly fallen into the trap of focusing on yourself instead of him. Try doing this instead. Rather than focusing all your efforts and energies on you and the things that you think your ex boyfriend wants, try putting yourself in his shoes. Try giving him a little space at first instead of smothering him with affection and attention. And fighting the breakup by constantly contacting him is simply going to annoy him and make him like you less.

How To Make Him Want You Again

Contrary to what you might think, one of the most powerful ways to get your ex boyfriend interested in you again is to do nothing. This means no phone calls, emails or texts. The less you do now, the less you’ll need to do later – and you’ll see what I mean by that.

Typically what happens after a breakup is that the woman fights for the relationship and tries to keep the door open. However, you’re not going to do this. You’re going to do the complete opposite and accept the breakup for what it is and not contact him.

When you do this correctly something amazing happens – your ex boyfriend actually starts to think about and misses you and so he’ll make up an excuse to contact you.

Let me take you into the mind of your ex boyfriend when you do this:

” Whenever I breakup with a girl the last thing I want is to hear from her all the time because I know I can have her back whenever I want.

But when I stop hearing from her I start to wonder what she’s been up to and so I’ll start to wonder if I made the right choice by breaking up with her.

Be prepared that he’s going to do it under the guise of calling to check up on you and just see how you’re doing. But know this, he’ll be curious about what you’ve been up to and will call you and when he does, you need to know what to say.

3 Ways to successfully handle your ex boyfriend’s phone call or visit after a breakup

1. Show a little excitement…but not too much. When your ex boyfriend contacts you, show a little excitment..but not too much at first. You don’t want to give away your position and true intentions of really wanting him back. Showing a little excitment will make you desirealbe in his eyes, and it’s natural to want things we can’t have. Make yourself something that your ex boyfriend can’t have.

2. Let him talk first. Don’t jump the gun here. Let your boyfriend talk first and let him explain the reason for his phone call or visit. By letting your ex boyfriend to do most of the talking you remove the possibility of making mistakes, as well luring him into the more awkward position of making conversation. Pretty sneaky eh?

3. Secretly take control of the situation.If, during the conversation, your ex wants to casually get together, don’t completely commit. Instead say something like: “Yeah, I think that is probably okay. Call me next week though, and we will see.”

Do you see what you just did here! By not committing to a date but keeping the door open, you’re making him call you and set the date. How cool is that!

Also, a few things have happened here. Your ex expected you to be very excited to see him, but you crushed his spirit by only being a little excited. As a result, you’ll give him the feeling that you’re not too interested in him. For all he knows, you’ve totally moved on from him and are interested in someone else.

Turning His World Upside Down

Ready to turn your ex boyfriend’s world upside down? He’s secretly worried that you’re over him. Your ex boyfriend has absolutely no idea what’s going on nor what to expect next because you’ve done the opposite of what he thought you’d do. Maybe he even regrets the fact that he didn’t leave the door open a crack for reconcilliation?

But guess what, you’ve slammed the door in his face. You have put him out of his comfort zone, and made him realize that you’re not willing to play games right now. So now your ex boyfriend has only two choices. Either he starts the process of getting you back or he risks losing you forever.

So what can you say to get your ex boyfriend back? As little as you possibly can. Hopefully you see the value in doing nothing when it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back. Since you’re not going after him he’s going to be curious as to what you’ve been upto. And if he loves or still wants you back in the slightest he’ll make the next move because the ball is now in his court.

Steps on How to Save a Relationship

John is always working as well as Mary doesn’t really feel he’s right now there on her behalf. She\ usually spends all her precious time meeting the children’s requirements as well as Jim seems that she doesn’t have enough time for his wants? Can this particular romantic relationship end up being rescued? Must it be rescued? If you really want to know how to get your ex back. Here’s how you can save a romantic relationship.

First, you have to determine if the partnership will probably be worth keeping. Whilst nearly every relationship could be saved along with effort, both sides should determine that they need to make it work. Simply because if your lover has decided out and also doesn’t wish to choose back in, there is little change that you can do

A lot of people remain in a relationship since it is straightforward or stay in a married relationship due to the kids. However that isn’t sufficient. Exactly how so that you can save a partnership begins with dedication by both parties that the relationship may be worth saving.

Next, you must pinpoint the problem or problems in a relationship. One of the biggest problems in how to save a relationship is that people believe the symptoms of the problem are the problem itself

For instance, many people think an affair is a problem that causes break ups. In truth, the affair is a symptom of a deeper problem. For instance, a lack of true intimacy can lead to a straying spouse. While most people look at the affair as the problem, the underlying cause of the affair was the lack of intimacy in the primary relationship. If you do not deal with the lack of intimacy, you might be able to keep another affair from starting through the use of guilt, but another problem (for instance pornography) could pop up because you haven’t dealt with the core issue.

When you begin to cope with primary problems instead of signs, you can save the relationship. After you have determined the core challenges, start to talk about your thinking. This indicates both verbalizing your own emotions and taking note of your partner’s worries. Hold your partner’s had while you’re referring to your difficulties like a sign you want to reconcile even when your heartaches are swirling. When your lover discusses stuff that harm you keep in mind that they’re not doing it because he or she’d like to hurt you. Rather it is because they want to improve the relationship.

Upon getting in-depth the difficulties in your romance, create a plan of action to resolve them. Then, consider definite steps on your method. If you don’t spend time together like you used to, plan a date night every week. Take turns designing creative ways to spend an evening together each Wednesday. If not conversing is the problem, agree to spending 20 minutes before you go to sleep merely actually talking to each other. As well as, then do it.

Finally, you should realize that saving a relationship is an ongoing process. You are going to take two steps forward only to take one step back. There is going to be both laughter and tears going forward. Be quick to apologize and slow to blame.

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How To Get Your Boyfriend Back When He Is Dating Another Girl


My boyfriend and I broke up and I’ve heard from other people that he’s dating again. I realize now how much I miss my boyfriend and I want him back. Is there anything I can do to get him back even if he’s dating someone else?


This is a huge concern for women after a break up, but it’s not the end of the world. I’m going to give you 4 tips that will help you get back with your ex boyfriend, even if he’s in another relationship.

Coming to the realization that your ex boyfriend has moved on and is involved with someone else is devastating. However, a key to getting your boyfriend back is to not let the breakup affect your emotions. Instead, try and focus on positive things that will help to improve your attitude. Also, you’ll need to wait things out at the beginning of your boyfriend’s new relationship. So as tough as that might be for you to deal with, it is the only way to get your ex boyfriend back.

Now as I promised, here are 4 techniques you can use that will help get your ex boyfriend back, even if he’s dating someone else.

Redirect Your Anger

What’s the first step to redirecting your anger? Direct all that hurt and anger you feel into something more constructive. At present your ex boyfriend is in the budding, blossoming, honeymoon period with his new found love, but whatever you say to your ex will most likely be ignored at this point.

But don’t discount the fact that although he’s in a fresh relationship that he still doesn’t care for you. Even so, with that in mind, I am certain that the only thing that can make you feel better right now is if your ex left his new girlfriend and came running back to you.

Now instead of simply expecting your boyfriend to come running back to you, work on making it happen. Try and accept the fact that your ex boyfriend is currently involved with someone else. Realise that your relationship with him has come to an end. But understand that this isn’t going to happen overnight.

But it can happen again. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself back together with your ex boyfriend. The benefit to this kind of positive thinking is that it will position you in a positive mindset. And this will greatly assist you when it comes to getting your boyfriend back.

At the end of the day you want to change your attitude and your personality so that when he sees you again, he sees a new and improved you. Because let me tell you, when you come across as a total mess, nobody is going to be attracted to you.

Disappear From His Life

After you’ve accepted the breakup and your boyfriend’s new relationship ( don’t worry if you’re not there yet), stay away from him and drop out of sight for a while. Go out and get involved by doing things you like and that make you happy.

Anything that will make you feel better is a good start: visit family, see some friends, go out and do whatever you enjoy. If there’s something else you like doing, dive right into it. Also, if you’ve been considering taking a trip somewhere, why not do it now?

The absolute worst thing you can do here is to secretly keep tabs on you ex boyfriend. Don’t contact him in any way or try and figure out what he’s been up to.

Do not ask anyone about him. The less you know about your ex boyfriend, the happier you’ll be right now. Do you know what? He’s going to start wondering about you. And that’s exactly where you want him to be.

Avoid Pushing Him Away

Often times, women tend to mess this up. They constantly call, text or email their boyfriends. They drive past their ex boyfriends house, or job, or school, and literally hang around to see what’s going on. They badmouth and slander their ex boyfriend’s new girl, even when they no nothing about her. In reality this makes you look petty and jealous, which is something men don’t find attractive. And in the end, this will hurt your chances of getting back together with him.

Do Nothing

As counter productive as it seems, the best thing you can do is nothing. From a psychological standpoint, your ex boyfriend will either see your non action as a sign of maturity from you, or he’ll assume you’ve moved on and found someone better. And as I mentioned earlier, because you haven’t kept your ex boyfriend in the loop, it’s going to mentally shake him up a little. In reality, he expected the breakup to affect you. He thought that you’d be crying over him and begging to take him back, but instead you haven’t done a thing.

Let me take you into the mind of your ex boyfriend for a second:

“When I break up with a girl I expect her to beg me to take her back. And do you know what the worst thing is? I hate it when they won’t leave me alone. The last thing I want is to be constantly harassed and bugged after a breakup.

But I’ll tell you something. When an ex girlfriend stops chasing me and falls off the map, I start to think about her a little more and wonder what she’s up to. I even start to wonder if I made a mistake by breaking up with her”.

As you can see, sometimes doing nothing can be quite powerful when it comes to getting your boyfriend back, and the best part is that it requires no effort at all on your part.

These are only the first few steps to getting your boyfriend back from another girl. Now that you know what they are and what to do, take some time and work on yourself and make your ex boyfriend want you back.

Find a solution for How to get your ex back

Do you want to know how to get your ex back, try to follow the below mentioned suggestions which are easy and make your life easy as well. Getting your ex back itself is a good idea. Instead of looking for another new friend or relation, where, you have to start from the basics and it will take some time to understand each other. Hence it is always better to have your Ex back which can lead to a successful life.

There might be numerous reasons due to which he or she might have become Ex but also there might be other reasons due to which he or she might have become your boyfriend / girlfriend or your life partner earlier.

Irrespective of the gender anyone who is interested in getting back their Ex,first they should try to contact him / her. While trying to contact them initially you may find refuses from them. Even though you try they may not respond to it. ‘Patience is virtue’. Once you got the first response, then fix an appointment with him / her. In your first meet with your Ex try to speak in a positive manner remembering all the sweet memories which you have when you both are in relationship.

Try to obey his/her feelings and respect your Ex’s ideas. Ask your Ex about the future and express your willingness to be a part of it. You make your Ex feel that you are showing interest in him/her and you want to continue the friendship or relationship.

Talk to your Ex in a positive manner. Please your Ex with a gift that he/she has more interest.

Try to remember the reasons for friendship or relationship breakdown and discuss with your Ex about them in a pleasant manner. Do not be panic and stay cool and try to be a good listener. Most of the problems can be solved with discussions only. Be pleasant and make your Ex pleasant.

Try and try until you succeed. If you are not getting any positive responsive from your Ex, even after several trails, better leave him/her. Because developing a bond for the broken friendship or relationship is not that easy. Do not make your Ex reluctant.

A clap can be made with two hands only. If your Ex is also feeling that you want him/her, the relationship will definitely develop which can lead into a beautiful life. If you know how to get your Ex back, then, you will also know how to lead your life in a success manner.

How to get your ex back is the easiest way of doing it.

4 Ways to Get Back in Your Boyfriends Life Again After a Break Up


I want to know how to get my ex boyfriend back after I broke up with him and I’m looking for ideas to try and contact him and get back in his life. Is there a certain amount of time I should wait before contacting him and what is the best way?


That’s a great question. If you’ve just recently separated with your boyfriend it’s not a big surprise that getting back into his life again is at the top of your list. Nonetheless, hoping to get back into his life and executing it are two different things. Your 1st actions right after the breakup can make or break the chances of you fixing the relationship so you’ll want to come up with a game plan and carry it out carefully.

Take your time to start with… that’s the idea here. If you move too quickly and too early, your ex will simply move further away from you.

Keep in mind that he broke up with you. In order to get him back, you have to give him a good reason to date you again and you need to show that to him in a way that won’t scare him off. If you come off too strong, he’ll look the other way and not even give you a second thought.

Understand that getting back into your ex’s life won’t happen instantly. The biggest mistake you can make is trying to force yourself back into his life immediately after you’ve broken up. Guys can see this coming from a mile away no matter how sweet and innocent you think you’re being.

What I’m hoping to get across here is that you simply can’t just phone him to talk or say “hi” or do anything else that might give you a “reason” to get hold of your ex. As hard as it is, what you should do now is walk away from him. Detaching yourself from him gives you an air of self-reliance and by not pressing the issue you make it looks as if you’ve okayed the separation.

This might be the top technique you can use, especially when you’re having problems breaking contact with him or he’s still trying to contact you.

Once you’ve decided to detach yourself from him, it’s got to be something you stick to for a while. Take comfort in the fact that if you execute this correctly, you’ll get your boyfriend back and he’ll be climbing the walls to talk to you again. The no contact rule after a break up is painful and temporary but it’s also the most necessary phase to getting your ex boyfriend back. The longer you extend the no contact period between you and your ex, the more power you have to putting yourself in a greater position when the time comes to get back together.

How Long Should the No Contact Rule Last?

The optimal no contact time period usually lasts between 6 to 8 weeks. The best part about your instant withdrawal from his life is that it’s going to result in some deep rooted thinking on his part. As your ex begins to examine the fact that you can live and breathe without him, he’ll start making some intense choices in his life.

Absolutely nothing in a relationship speaks louder than actions, specially when those actions aren’t anything at all. If you take one thing away let it be this: in terms of getting your ex boyfriend back, less is more. The less you do now, the less you will need to do later on when it’s time to talk again.

Every guy thinks the same when it comes to breaking up with a girl:

“After I break up with a girl, I fully expect her to come running back to me. She’ll have a million reasons why we need to stay together, but I’ve got a million reasons why we shouldn’t.”

“I guarantee that she’s going to try and make contact with you again. The initial days after the breakup are awkward so I try and keep my cell phone off.”

“If you don’t play your cards right, breaking up can be just a stressful as a relationship. The longer she tries to hand on to the relationship the less attractive she becomes and the less I want to see her.”

Perhaps you have realized, you must ignore the impulse to get hold of your ex following the break up, because if you do you’ll seriously harm the chances of you winning your ex back. Forcing the issue with your ex could seriously change the way he views you, and it won’t be good.

Now that being said, we have a time when it’s fine to get hold of your ex which won’t adversely impact you and your odds of reversing the breakup. If you carry out the no contact rule with your ex fully and effectively, the standard waiting period is around 6 to 8 weeks. Yes, it may seem like ages. However, this time period is essential in relation to reversing the breakup because it ensures that several things have taken place:

1. Not having contact with your ex boyfriend for 6 to 8 weeks is going to make you appear extremely attractive and mysterious to him. He’ll want to know what you’re up to and why you suddenly dropped off the face of the earth and didn’t fight for the relationship. Perhaps the best thing about the no contact rule is that he’ll be trying to figure out whether or not you’ve totally moved on and found someone new which will make him second guess himself and whether he made the right decision to break up with you.

2. After six to eight weeks, it’s safe to say that your ex boyfriend will be missing you without you having to lift a finger. I know it’s hard, but the less you do now, the less you’ll need to do later when the time comes to reconnect with your ex. What this shows you is how powerful the no contact rule is

3. Contacting your ex boyfriend after such a long absence will be met with pleasure as opposed to opposition, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he contacts you first! He’s going to be curious about what you’ve been up to for so long so play it cool and take it easy on the first phone call, don’t rush into anything. For all he knows, you’ve probably got another boyfriend and have totally moved on and are over him.

Most effective Methods of Contacting Your Ex after the Break Up

Ok, now that we’ve thoroughly examined the no contact rule and what it does to your ex when it’s used properly, it’s time to discuss the best methods for contacting your ex. I’ll show you which methods are the least effective and which ones are most effective and will get you the best reaction from him. Let’s examine each option below:


This is the worst way to initiate contact with your ex. Leaving a note on your ex’s wall or inbox shows him that you’re not creative.

What you’re really telling your ex is that they aren’t important to you and you’d rather leave them a two second message rather than have an actual conversation with them. Instead, you resorted to using social media and your computer to re-open the lines of communication. As you can see, it’s not a very good idea.

Text Messages:

Just like Facebook, texting is impersonal and ineffective. The real problem with texting your ex is that it leaves a lot of room for interpretation and then you run the risk of having a miscommunication with him. Also, a text message can be deleted, so how will you ever really know if he got the message and read it?


Emailing is better than the previous two methods, but it’s still not personable. Having said that, I still don’t recommend doing it unless your relationship started out that way (which a lot do nowadays).

The benefit to making use of email over texts and Facebook is that it’s less difficult to construct your message and get your thoughts and ideas across. Ultimately you’ll want to create a message that makes your ex want to call you back. The more cryptic and mysterious you are in your message, the more he’ll want to call you back and see what you’ve been up to.

The end goal here is to have your ex call you, and the number one way to reconnect with your ex boyfriend is over the phone.

The Phone Call:

Don’t rush things when it comes to the phone call. It needs to be done when he’s got a few minutes to talk and have an actual conversation with you. Don’t call him at work, or when he’s out with his friends.

The phone call with your boyfriend is the most important step when it comes to communicating with him again and so you need to be very careful. Keep the conversation between you two light and upbeat and try and be a little mysterious as well. And don’t forget, since you’re the one who initiated the call; make sure you’re in control of it when it ends.

During the phone call, make sure you use this one simple trick that will make your ex unable to get you out of his mind. If you plant the seed now during your call, your ex boyfriend is going to be left imagining you for the remainder of the night and throughout the week.

The Face to Face Meeting:

Regardless of what phase you’re at, eventually you’re going to have a face to face meeting with your ex. This can be either risky or rewarding since you haven’t seen each other for so long, but if done correctly, can lead to quick results.

I hope that during your no contact period that you’ve improved as a person both physically and mentally. It’s important for your ex to be attracted to you just as he was before. If you look, dress and smell your best, you’ll catch your ex boyfriend’s eye and greatly improve your chances of getting him back.

Just like the phone call with your ex, you’re only looking to give him a small taste, don’t give him too much too soon. Any and all face to face contact with your ex boyfriend needs to be brief so that you’ll keep his curiosity peaked and wanting more. This will also make your chance encounter look less staged.

If you happen to run into each other by accident, keep the conversation brief with an apology that you’re busy and have somewhere else to be. This way it’ll look as if you’ve totally moved on and are over him and you’ll have all the control.

Don’t be surprised if during your “chance” encounter he doesn’t want you to leave. Be prepared for this. If it happens, don’t sweat it; simply tell him to call you later that night. That invitation alone will leave his heart pounding waiting to call you. This is a simple method to get the conversation flowing between you two, and it puts the ball in his court.

If you had the opportunity to take control of your break up, you need to do so as quickly as possible.
And when your ex boyfriend finally calls you, you’ll need to know exactly how to handle that initial contact. Learn more about how to do that here.