Those of us who have been in a relationship know how difficult it is to go through a break up. Though most of us try to forget the past and move on, there are some who are unable to part ways and still are in love with their erstwhile partner. These people try different methods and plan on how to get ex back.

The problem is most acute if you are the one who has been dumped and feel the pinch and are unable to figure out the reason why you broke up with your partner. They would often feel miserable and depressed and would want to get back to their ex’s. This is not an impossible task and many people have successfully gotten back their ex boyfriend or girlfriend by using some astute planning.

There are also those people who do not take well to being dumped and are more angry than upset at the prospect of having been shown the door. They try to find ways on how to get ex back not because they are in love but because they want it to have happened the other way around.

This is not a very acceptable approach as there is no point in wanting them back for any other reason other than the fact that you are still in love with them. For those who sincerely are still in love with the ex partner, getting them back can be achieved by being patient and perseverant.

The best idea is to ask for a honest answer from your partner by stating that you need to know so that you can be do better in future relationships in case it is due to some fault of yours that the break up happened. If indeed it is attributable to an undesirable character trait or to something wrong that you have done, try to sort out the mess and make amends. Get rid of your undesirable trait. This is possible only if things are on a smooth footing post break up with your ex.

If the reason you were dumped was due to some undesirable character trait that you have, you should try and get rid of it. It is always advisable to learn the reason why you were dumped at the time of break up by telling your partner that you want to rectify if it is due to any fault of yours so that you can have more stable relationships in the future. This is possible if your break up is amicable and you do not end up in a fisticuff with your partner.

Watching you live your life normally and being aloof would make your ex curious as to what is really going on. They would expect you to be upset and shattered while you are entertaining yourself to no end. You should not be indifferent to their presence if you run into them. Acknowledge them but remain aloof and focus on other people like you did during your days as a single. You should not go out with anyone during this period but can hang out with friends from the opposite sex and this would trigger jealousy in your ex.

Enjoy your life post break up with gusto as if reliving the old days when you were single. Hang out with friends and engage yourself in activities that are fun and entertaining. There is no need to go out with anyone and it is a great mistake to do so. The idea is to let your ex know that you are not shattered and are carrying on with your life as before. Seeing you enjoy your life normally the same way you did before you were in the relationship would trigger jealousy pangs in your ex. Also you could hang out with friends from the opposite sex and make sure that you are being noticed by your ex’s friends or the ex themselves. Letting the realize what they are missing out on is the key to getting them back.

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