So, you’ve been working your tail off at getting your girlfriend back and you seem to be running out of steam. You have given everything that you’ve got to and you’re just getting to the point where you have nothing more to give. You’re not getting anything in return and you wonder what the sense is in continuing on with this whole master plan to win her heart back and live happily ever after. You’re angry, you’re depressed and most of all you’re just tired.

You are just getting tired of trying so hard and you are tired of the pain. It is there when you go to sleep at night and it is there when you wake up in the morning. You look for signs that there is hope. You figure that if she felt anything for you that there would be signs but there is nothing and this just throws you further into your depression over your ex. Honestly, this train of thought isn’t helping you and right now I’m all about helping you. You need to stop focusing on what is wrong and begin focusing on what is right and true. You need to look beyond what is going on right now and focus on the good things from the past as well as off into your bright future with your girl.

You might not get her back today or tomorrow or next week but if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you could get her back in three months or six months, would you be happy? Is your girl worth waiting a few months to have her back forever? Would you be content in knowing absolutely positively that you will have her back in your arms and loving you in a way that you never thought possible in a matter of weeks?

Being frustrated and upset is perfectly normal if you’ve gone through a breakup and it is the desire of your heart to get back together with your ex. You are going to have good days and bad. You are going to have times when you will want to throw up your hands in disgust and wish you never met her. Then five minutes later you’re going to take it all back when you remember what it felt like to hold her in your arms. You are going to think that everything that you are doing is in vain and that she is never going to come back to you but the truth is that you will never know what is working and what isn’t until you have her back. Does that make sense to you? You have no idea of how close she is to giving in until she breaks and comes crawling back to you saying that she made a huge mistake by breaking up with you.

You might be tempted to test the waters and try to get a feel for where you stand, but resist this voice inside your head that tells you to contact her. Calling her, texting her and snooping around will only put you back where you started from. And don’t listen to the advice that tells you that you need to give her attention in order to get her back. She knows that you still want her back and if she doesn’t then let her call you to test the waters and find out for herself but do not give in to this feeling that you need to tell her that you still love her. It is the one sure way that you will push her further away. I know it doesn’t make sense but since when did women and relationships make sense? If she is worth it to you, you’ll start doing the things that work instead of seeking to feed your own need for her attention right now.

If your girlfriend is really that important to you then you can hold out for that day when she comes back to you before you tell her again that you still love her. Hold on to that dream and make it a reality. Hold onto the thought of you holding her close and telling her that you never gave up and that you always knew that she really did love you. If you are serious about getting her back then you will work towards that goal and start doing the things that will bring her back to you instead of desperately clinging to her begging for her to take you back.

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